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18 Faqs About Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips

2023-02-20 17:00:00

Irreversible adhesive indicator strips are a great addition to your business. They can help you not only offer better services but also interface with customers better. If you're not sure about them or about how they work, below, you'll find answers to 18 FAQs about irreversible adhesive indicator strips.

irreversible adhesive indicator strips

What Are Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

Irreversible adhesive indicator strips are also known as irreversible temperature indicator strips. They are small, adhesive-backed pieces of plastic that can be used to indicate whether a product or shipment has been exposed to temperatures above or below a certain level.

Irreversible adhesive indicator strips are produced in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, but the most common shape is a square or rectangle. The size of the strip will depend on the customer's needs, but most strips measure between 1/2" x 1/2" and 2" x 2". In addition to the amount of surface area, customers also have a choice in color. Typical color options include black or white, but both low-temp and high-temp irreversible adhesive indicators can be produced in any color as long as the order meets our minimum production requirements.

In addition to size and color, customers can also choose which side of their irreversible adhesive temperature indicators needs to be visible during use. The majority of our customers choose one-sided irreversible temperature indicators because they allow for easy storage and packaging before use.


What is the Purpose of an Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strip?

The purpose of an irreversible adhesive indicator strip is to provide a visual indication that a specific temperature has been reached. These strips are used in the manufacturing and shipping industries, and they are designed to change color once the product reaches a certain temperature. An irreversible adhesive indicator strip is different than a reversible one because it can only be used once.

While some irreversible adhesive strips change color when the temperature drops below a specific point, many of them change color when the temperature goes above a certain level. These strips are often used to verify that certain products have not been exposed to high temperatures during shipping or storage. For example, if you are shipping or storing medicine that needs to be refrigerated, an irreversible adhesive indicator strip could be applied to the package. If the package is exposed to temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit (or 18 degrees Celsius), the strip will turn red so that you know not to use it.

This type of indicator strip is also commonly used in manufacturing environments where heat-sensitive equipment is used. If something overheats at any point in the process, the irreversible adhesive indicator strip attached to the piece of machinery will change color so that you know there was a problem with this particular batch of goods.


What is the Difference Between a Reversible Vs. an Irreversible Adhesive Indicator?

Reversible Adhesive Indicators are the most popular indicators because they are the easiest to see, read and interpret. Reversible Adhesive Indicators are also known as "Color Changing Adhesive Indicators" because the indicator color changes when the indicator comes in contact with a certain temperature.

Reversible Adhesive Indicators can be used multiple times. Once the temperature is changed back to room temperature, the adhesive will return to its original state and allow for re-application.

Irreversible Adhesive Indicators are also known as "Single-Use" or "One-Time Use" indicators because once the adhesive has been exposed to a certain temperature, it cannot be reversed or reapplied. Irreversible Indicators have a film or membrane that ruptures (breaks) when it comes in contact with a certain temperature, which causes an irreversible color change to occur.

Irreversible Adhesive Indicators are typically used when only one reading is needed, such as calibrating equipment or performing quality checks on items that need to stay sterile (that is why many Bio-Medical companies prefer to use Irreversible).


Will an Irreversible Indicator Strip Leave a Mark on the Skin?

Nope, it should not leave a mark.

The indicator strip is just a piece of colored paper. It should not leave any color on the skin. It's possible that the strip could leave some moisture behind, but it would evaporate quickly and be completely undetectable. If you want to be extra sure, you could wipe the skin with an alcohol pad immediately after removing the tape.

The indicator strips are usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and have a pH-sensitive dye encapsulated in the polymer. When dissolved in the correct solvent or supercritical carbon dioxide, the dye is released from the polymer. Since the dye is encapsulated in the polymer it does not stain your skin. Some indicator strips contain aqueous or organic buffers to aid dissolution.


How Does an Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strip Work?

A common type of irreversible adhesive indicator strip is a temperature indicator, which is designed to indicate when a specific temperature has been reached. This can be done by using a chemical that changes color at the specified temperature, or with a strip that physically breaks open when heated.

Irreversible indicators can also be used as tamper-proof seals, to show if an object has been opened. Adhesives can be chosen so they are difficult to remove without tearing the adhesive strip. If an attempt is made to remove the adhesive strip, it will tear in some way that indicates it has been opened.

When it comes to how irreversible adhesive indicator strips work, there are three primary mechanisms you need to understand:

How do they stick? The adhesive on the inner strip sticks to whatever container they are placed in, preventing them from being removed. The adhesive is also often used to remove any residue on contact, so it can provide a clean surface for sticking.

How do they change color? The indicator strip contains an element that changes color when it heats up, such as a plastic piece on top of a thermal ink layer that melts at a certain temperature. When this happens, the underlying ink will run out of its compartment and display its new color.


What Do Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips Look Like?

An indicator strip is a small piece of paper or film with a heat-sensitive coating. The indicator coating is designed to change color when exposed to an elevated temperature. Typically, this temperature is around 210°F. When you buy indicator strips, they are blank but turn red when exposed to the proper temperature.

There are many ways you can use these strips to determine if your machine has heated up enough to seal properly. You can place them on the hot plate where they’ll be smeared by the packaging as it moves through the machine, or you can insert them into the product stream. These indicators are very easy to use, and because they are inexpensive, you can use several of them at once, which will help ensure that your machine reaches the right temperature and stays there for long enough to seal properly.

There are also ways to make your own indicator strips. The simplest option is to get some butcher paper or parchment paper and draw lines on it with a black marker. This will give you a guide for measuring how much shrinkage occurs when you expose it to heat.


What Are the Benefits of Using Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

There are many benefits to using Irreversible Adhesive Temperature Indicator Strips. The most common benefit is the ability to permanently tell if a product has been subjected to a temperature above its rated breakpoint. The irreversible adhesive strips are designed to melt at a specific temperature and once the high temperature has been reached, the indicator will never change back.


Benefits of using Irreversible Temperature Indicators:

Cheap and easy to use

Can be integrated into the packaging to measure shipment conditions

Can be placed on products or equipment

Simplifies validation processes

The irreversible adhesive strips can be used as a one-time use indicator or they can be placed on a product or container with the intention of using it several times. Some industries that use the irreversible strips include:

Food & Beverage - These industries use the irreversible strip in order to monitor products during shipment or storage. This ensures that food products are never exposed to temperatures that would cause spoilage or make them unsafe for consumption.

Medical Devices & Supplies - In order to comply with quality assurance guidelines, many manufacturers place an indicator strip on medical devices and supplies. This allows for easy identification of defective materials that have been exposed to high temperatures, which would make them unusable for a patient.

Pharmaceuticals - Many pharmaceutical companies also use irreversible indicator strips in order to ensure quality control and compliance with FDA regulations during the shipment and storage of medications.


Why Use Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

Many manufacturers choose to use irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that the irreversible type can be used as a permanent record of the product's temperature history.

It may be used in quality control monitoring, transportation or storage requirements, or to determine if the product has been exposed to temperatures that might cause spoilage or alteration.

The irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strip changes color permanently when it has reached a certain temperature level and remains that color even after being exposed to different temperatures. This allows the user to see at a glance whether the product has been exposed to an unacceptable range of temperatures during its life cycle. The irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips are more prone to abuse than reversible types because they cannot be reused and therefore can only verify one-time use.


The top five reasons for using Irreversible Temperature Indicator Strips are:

They are simple and convenient to use.

They provide a permanent record of temperatures achieved.

They are cost-effective.

They require no special equipment for use or interpretation.

They can be used in almost any application where you need to monitor a process or shipment or ensure consistent product quality.


Are There Any Precautions I Should Take when Using Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

Yes, there are several precautions to take when using the irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips. First and foremost, the temperature indicator strip should be applied only to a clean surface free of oils and dirt. Do not apply the Irreversible Adhesive Temperature Indicator Strips on a surface that is exposed to direct sunlight or any other intense light source.

Direct sunlight can cause the strip to change color beyond its normal range. The strip should also not be applied to surfaces that are painted or coated with varnish or lacquer. During application, avoid touching the adhesive side of the strip to prevent contamination of the adhesive.

Also, it's important to keep in mind that although these strips will adhere permanently, they have been designed for single use only.


when using irreversible adhesive indicator strips we do advise that you take the following precautions:

Use safety gloves when handling the adhesive strips.

Ensure that the surface you are applying the strip to is clean and dry.

Store in a cool, dry place.


When Should I Use Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

The irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips are great to use when you need to know if an item was exposed to high temperatures for a period of time. In other words, a non-reversible temperature indicator strip is perfect for shipments that need to be monitored for any changes in temperature.

Ideally, you should set the irreversible temperature indicator strips at the minimum and maximum temperatures expected during transit. For example: If your shipment is going from California to New York, it would be best to set the irreversible temperature indicator strips between 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because trucks generally ship goods from California to Texas than from Texas to New York. In this instance, Texas is a hotter climate than California and New York, so the irreversible temperature indicator strips will alert you if your shipment was left on the truck in the hot Texas sun while they were waiting for their next shipment window.


Are the Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips Safe for Medical Waste?

Yes, they are safe. Adhesive indicator strips are not required to go through FDA* approval process, but they have been tested against ASTM standards by a laboratory. These tests include cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation, and acute systemic toxicity.

Some of these tests are performed with the strip adhered to the skin or implanted into tissue (subcutaneously). No adverse effects or findings were reported during any of the tests.

The adhesive used in the strip is a medical-grade adhesive. It has been tested in numerous medical applications including long-term IV and catheterization site dressings with no adverse effects reported.


What is the Shelf Life of Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

Irreversible Temperature Indicator Strips' shelf life is about 18 months depending on storage, temperature, and humidity.

The indicators are designed to be used within the first year.

They should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from water, heat, dust, and light.

It is recommended to use them within the first year of purchase.


How Do You Use Irreversible Adhesive Strips?

To use them, peel off the strip from the backing and apply it to the surface of your product's container to be tested. When the adhesive side reaches your set temperature it will turn from white to purple. They are useful for monitoring cold chain transport, sterilization processes, and more.

The irreversible adhesive strips are used to indicate the temperature has reached a specific value. The indicator strip adheres to the surface and changes color once the temperature has been reached.


There are three types of irreversible temperature indicator strips:

Temperature range 10-50°C (50-120°F)

Temperature range 50-80°C (120-180°F)

Temperature range 80-100°C (180-210°F)


What Will Be the Test Result After Using Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

The following is the correct procedure:

1. Apply adhesive indicator strip to the product before sterilizing;

2. Test product at least three times in a row;

3. Record the result on the strip with a permanent marker;

4. Test again after 48 hours and record the result on a new strip.

So what does the result show if the original color has changed after 48 hours? Does it mean that there is a lack of sterilization? Or does it mean that color change takes place when temperature increases?

The irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips will turn red after autoclaving, which means that the sterilization temperature has been reached, and it will remain red permanently even if you cool it down to room temperature. The irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips are designed to test whether the sterilization temperature has been reached in every autoclave cycle, not to indicate whether there’s any lack of sterilization or not.


What Are the Disadvantages of Using Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

Irreversible temperature indicator strips are a popular choice for measuring the temperature of food, refrigerators, and freezers. These adhesive strips provide a simple visual indication of whether or not the temperature has risen above a certain point. This ensures that food is still safe to eat and that pharmaceuticals will still be effective.

The flexible and durable design means that irreversible temperature indicator strips can easily be placed on any surface. The adhesive backing means that the strips won't peel off when exposed to oils or grease, which allows them to work even in tough conditions like commercial kitchens.

These indicators can also help you easily monitor the temperatures of your products as they're shipped from one location to another. They can even be used to check whether devices like incubators are maintaining the correct temperatures.

Once an irreversible adhesive indicator strip has changed color, there's no way to reverse it back again. This is great for ensuring the safety of your products, but sometimes it makes these indicators inconvenient for certain uses. For example, if you want to check the temperatures of multiple items with a single strip, then you'll need to use a new one each time.


There are a few disadvantages to using irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips over reversible ones:

They can only be used once.

They do not provide a running record of the temperature over time.

They are more expensive than reversible indicators, so they are unsuitable for one-time applications.


Where Can I Buy Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

Irreversible adhesive indicator strips are available on the market. They are used to monitor temperatures during thermal processing. They are also known as irreversible temperature indicators (ITIs). These indicators are attached directly to a product or package and change color when the sterilization temperature is reached.

There are many types of irreversible adhesive strips available from numerous manufacturers. The most common type of ITI uses an organic substance that changes color at a specific temperature. A coating is applied to a strip of paper that will change color when the temperature reaches the sterilization level. At this point, the indicator cannot revert back to its original color; hence it is called "irreversible." When you use these indicators, they will show you if your product has actually been exposed to the proper sterilization temperature for the specified time period.

If you need help locating a supplier for ITIs, Please contact us: E-MAIL:


How Do I Interpret the Results from Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips?

The irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips that we offer are temperature activated and change color to reveal the exposure temperature. These non-toxic, lead-free labels have a broad adhesive backing and can be applied to a variety of surfaces without leaving any residue after they have been removed.

Irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips are designed to provide evidence of exposure over a specific period of time. This makes them ideal for use in shipping applications when it is essential that products are not exposed to temperatures that may compromise the integrity of the product. They can also be used as an indication of exposure over a defined period, such as cold storage or along a supply chain. Irreversible adhesive temperature indicator strips are available on labels or in strips, depending on your need.

The irreversible adhesive temperature indicators will turn from white (or whatever color you choose) to black when exposed to temperatures above the activation point. The different activation points available range from 40°F (4°C) to 200°F (93°C). You can also choose from labels that display one color at ambient temperatures and another once the exposure temperature has been reached, or you can select labels that reveal multiple colors throughout the range of exposure temperatures.


Typical irreversible indicator strip colors:

Red to black: 18-120C (freezer to oven)

Yellow to black: 0-140C (refrigerator to oven)

Yellow to brown: 60-100C (room temperature to steam sterilization)

Pink to brown: 70-110C (room temperature to steam sterilization)

Blue to white: -10-60C (freezer to the refrigerator)


What Are Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strip Features and Specifications?

Some of the Features and Specifications of our Irreversible Adhesive Indicator Strips are listed below:

When the strip is removed, it cannot be reapplied. This ensures that it cannot be reused.

It is a one-time tamper evident solution.

It is non-flammable and safe to use.

It contains a unique serial number for ease of reference.

These strips have been tested to ensure they will not harm medical devices.

It has a Laminated structure and 4x3 inch size.

The adhesive used in these tapes is permanent and aggressive, ensuring that it sticks well to surfaces.

The strips are available in two colors - Blue and White.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons to use irreversible adhesive indicator strips. From the user and end-user point of view, they've proven themselves to be helpful products that actually deliver. Considering their longevity and low cost (compared to other means), more and more companies are adding this indicator solution to their medical supply offerings. The evolution toward all adhesives being bio-compatible is on the horizon. Irreversible adhesive strips have already helped thousands of people and will continue to do so for years to come. Let's hope our predictions for a safer world come true as well!

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