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CRYSTAL CODE is a famous Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper manufacturer and supplier in China. Our factory specializes in manufacturing Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Papers. Tyre Label. Resealable Label, Holographic Labels, Electrical Label. We always provide high-quality Labels with advanced technology, experienced engineers, and skilled workers to our customers from all over the world. We can manufacture specific Labels according to customers' requirements.


Detail Introduction

What is Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?

Inkjet vinyl sticker paper is a type of label that can be used for printing labels on an inkjet printer. It has a special coating that allows the ink to stick to it, but that also prevents the ink from bleeding through the paper.

Inkjet vinyl sticker paper can be used for many different types of applications, including labeling products and organizing your home or office. It’s also perfect for creating custom labels for your business or organization.

Inkjet vinyl sticker paper is available in rolls up to 3 inches wide and in lengths of up to 100 feet long. The rolls are perforated so they can easily be torn off when you need them. You may also find pre-cut sheets which have already been sized down into more convenient sizes such as 2-inch by 4 inches or 1-inch by 2-inch sheets.

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Print Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

How Do You Use and Print Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?

You can use inkjet vinyl sticker paper in your inkjet printer to create stickers. To do so, you need to print out an image on the sticker paper using your printer's software and then cut out the image using a craft knife. You can then apply the sticker directly onto a surface using water or double-sided tape. Here's how to use and print it:

1. Cut your sticker design out of the vinyl sticker paper.

2. Remove the clear plastic layer from the top of the sticker and place your design face down on a smooth surface (like glass). If there is any residue left on the clear backing, use rubbing alcohol to clean off as much as possible before placing your design face down on a smooth surface (like glass).

3. Set your printer settings to print onto transparencies or photo paper at no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch). You may need to experiment with different settings depending on your specific printer model.*

4. Print out your design onto a sheet of inkjet printable vinyl sticker paper.


How to Remove the Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?

I have done many vinyl sticker stickers and I want to share my experience in removing the inkjet vinyl sticker paper.

I first use a hairdryer to heat up the sticker, then use a credit card to scrape off the paper. If the sticker is not completely peeled off, then use a knife to scrape it off again.

Here are some tips to help you remove the sticker paper:

1. Use a scraper or knife to carefully scrape off the sticker paper

2. Use heat or steam to soften it

3. Use scissors to cut away the excess material

4. Soak in warm water, then peel it off


Is Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper Waterproof?

Yes, it is. Inkjet vinyl sticker paper is waterproof, meaning it has a special coating that prevents water damage. This makes it perfect for outdoor projects. You can use the stickers on mugs and other items that you will hand wash. If you want to do a project in the dishwasher, make sure to put the item on the top rack so that no scratching occurs due to any friction between your object and the dishwasher rack. The only important thing to remember when using these stickers is that they are not waterproof if you leave them out in the rain or submerge them in water for a long period of time. They are designed to resist water damage when used appropriately.


Will Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper Work on Glass?

Yes, inkjet vinyl sticker paper will work on glass. Inkjet vinyl sticker paper can be used on glass because of the adhesive backing that comes on every sticker sheet. You can peel off the backing to expose the adhesive and then place it on any smooth, non-porous surface. You can also use this material on other surfaces such as plastic, cardboard, metal, and even some types of paper.


Why Choose Our Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?

The products we offer are used by professional printers and designers, so you can rest assured that what you buy is suitable for your needs. We also provide tips on how to use our products and how to deal with them if there are problems.

High-Quality Products. We only sell high-quality but cheap inkjet vinyl sticker paper, which is suitable for any type of printer, including Hewlett-Packard and Brother Printers, Canon Printers, Epson Printers, etc.


More reasons to choose us.

1. Our Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper is the favorite choice for most of our customers.

It is a high-quality product that does not fade, crack, or tear easily. It can be used for many different applications and can look great on your vehicle, boat, or anywhere else you want to use it.

2. The Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper is available in several different sizes and colors to suit your needs. You can also choose from matte or glossy finishes depending on what you’re planning to use them for.

3. The Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper has a permanent adhesive backing that won’t come loose or peel off easily after you apply it to your chosen surface. This ensures that your sticker will stay in place until you decide to remove it yourself!


What Are the Different Types of Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper for Printers?

You can find inkjet vinyl sticker paper for printers in a variety of different styles, some with smooth surfaces and others with a textured feel. When you need custom labels, stickers, or signs for your business, use this guide to learn about the different types of inkjet printable vinyl sticker paper to make the right purchasing decision.


Glossy Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

As the most common type of inkjet printer sticker paper, glossy inkjet vinyl sticker paper is available in sheets and rolls so you can print small quantities or large batches of stickers at once. The glossy finish gives printed images and text a polished look that will attract attention to product packaging, promotional materials, and more.


Matte Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

When you want to minimize glare or create a sleek professional design without reflection or shine, opt for matte finish inkjet printer sticker paper. Matte finish printable vinyl sticker paper gives graphics a subtle texture that is soft to the touch. For example, matte-finished labels are an ideal choice for packaging food items because they have a more natural look than shiny designs. A matte finish also works well in environments where light reflects on surfaces such as windows or glass panels because it minimizes this effect.

Print Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

Can I Print to Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper Without Using a Laminator?

The good news: Yes, you can print to inkjet vinyl sticker paper without a laminator. The bad news? You'll have to do some extra work.

Inkjet vinyl is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of printable stickers, which means it can also be used to create custom labels. However, this particular type of sticky sheet comes with some unique challenges. For instance, you can't use just any vinyl sticker paper—it has to be specially designed for use with an inkjet printer (if you don't already have the right kind of paper on hand, check out our selection of inkjet vinyl sheets here). On top of that, if you want your stickers to last through more than one rainy day or repeat uses, you'll need to laminate them—otherwise, they will likely become damaged and weathered over time.


Does the Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper Need to Be Laminated Before Using Outdoors?

If you’re using inkjet vinyl sticker paper to make high-quality stickers, you want them to last and be waterproof. The best way to do that is with lamination. But if the sticker paper is already laminated, you may wonder whether it is necessary to go through the laminating process before applying your design.

The answer is yes. Inkjet vinyl sticker paper comes in two varieties: glossy and matte papers that are not laminated, and glossy papers that are laminated. Even though the latter has an extra layer of protection from the inkjet vinyl itself, it’s still a good idea to laminate the finished design for durability. Even though the material is already protected against wear and water damage, lamination adds an extra layer of protection on both sides of the sticker. This will ensure long-lasting quality and durability in outdoor use.


When Should I Use Matte or Glossy Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?

Choosing the right inkjet vinyl sticker paper for your project can be confusing. To help you make the right choice, we've put together this infographic to help you visualize the different types of inkjet sticker papers that are available.

Inkjet vinyl sticker papers can be divided into two main categories: glossy and matte. Glossy inkjet sticker papers are made with a high-gloss coating that makes them look shiny when they're printed on. They're usually used for projects that require a bright, colorful image, or for labeling products or packaging because they're easy to read and look very professional. Glossy inkjet sticker paper is also great for printing photos because it enhances the colors of the image and makes them appear brighter than it would on other types of paper (such as matte).

Matte inkjet sticker paper is ideal for projects that don't need shiny surfaces. For example, if you're printing stickers to be used on walls or doors inside an office building or home where there aren't many windows around which might reflect sunlight onto them, then you don't necessarily want your stickers' colors to appear too bright. Matte inkjet vinyl sticker papers are also great for labels because they have a more muted appearance than glossier papers do.

Keep in mind that both finishes have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to understand the benefits of each before making your decision.


What Are the Features of Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?

1. With permanent adhesive, vinyl stickers will not be easily worn;
2. White matte surface, easy to print;
3. Outdoor durability: more than 1 year;
4. Can be printed with all desktop inkjet printers;
5. High resolution and clear image quality;
6. It is waterproof


Recommendations for Use of Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper:

For optimum durability and water resistance, especially for long-lasting color quality and protection for outdoor use, we recommend the following:
1. Use UV ink to print;
2. Allow a full 24 hours of drying time;
3. Spray with a clear UV-resistant sealer to ensure the sticker is completely waterproof.

Use of Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

Surface Material of Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

Inkjet print vinyl is available in a variety of different finishes: glossy, matte, or clear (transparent) finish, suitable for any inkjet printer. They are both instant drying and waterproof, and the glossy and matte vinyl is waterproof if splashed with water. But it should not be rubbed or cleaned with a high-powered jet or sponge. Additional waterproofing may be required in this case.
Text, images, or a combination of the two can be pasted to any smooth surface, such as glass, using the papers in this category.


Uses of Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper

Create your own unique style for your laptop or phone, create skins for your laptop and phone, and stickers for your vehicle bumper or window. The perfect permanent sticker to craft and DIY a variety of projects such as bottle and container labels, scrapbooking, wall murals, car stickers, small business product labels, and many more applications.


What Are the Advantages of Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?


1. True colors

Unlike paints or screen printing inks, our printable vinyl maintains true color on light or dark materials. Make your designs pop with each printable vinyl sheet to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


2. Easy to cut

Whether you prefer to use scissors or a hand cutter, our vinyl makes it easy to print and cut designs. For beginners or craft experts, this beginner-friendly material is easy to use with any standard inkjet printer and can be applied almost instantly.


How to Use and Print Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper?

1. Test with plain paper before printing. Before printing, print out a test copy of your image on a piece of plain paper, as recommended in our supported printer settings. Adjust until you are satisfied with the final print. And make sure to set your paper size to 8.5* 11 inches standard paper.

2. Insert the inkjet vinyl sticker. Replace the plain paper with an inkjet vinyl sticker, making sure to insert the correct vinyl sticker for printing to a shiny glossy finish. The back feels like regular paper, and when you're ready to apply your sticker to the medium of your choice, the protective layer on the back can be peeled off and ready to use.

3. Number of prints. To avoid paper jams, print only one sheet at a time.

4. Drying time control. Let the freshly printed paper dry for at least 5 minutes to avoid smearing as the ink dries.

5. Cut. Remove excess adhesive and round off any corners when cutting out your newly designed print for faster and easier peeling of the back protective layer.

6. Use it. Clean and dry the medium of your choice thoroughly before using new vinyl stickers.


Supported Inkjet Printer Settings

1. HP printer. Choose the best print quality;
2. Canon printers. Select high print quality, maximum fineness under custom settings; select high gloss photo for media type;
3. Epson printers. Select Glossy Film for Print Quality, Media Type: Under Custom and Advanced Settings, make sure the resolution is set to 1440dpi or higher;
4. Samsung, Sharp, Kodak, and others
Printers are also supported, please select similar settings as above


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