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How to Better Understand the Hologram Label?

2021-10-17 13:19:42

Holographic anti-counterfeiting is a new anti-counterfeiting technology developed by using laser holographic technology, also known as laser holographic anti-counterfeiting. Laser holography is a stereo photography technology that increased after the advent of the laser in the 1960s. With the progress of other anti-counterfeiting technologies, holographic anti-counterfeiting has also been new development and application. "Hologram" means "all information," that is, compared with stock photography, which only records the light and dark changes of objects, laser holography can also record the spatial transformations of objects.
In the printing industry, we also have holographic anti-counterfeiting applications. The most famous printing production is the hologram label, so why the hologram label is widely used in many areas such as cosmetics, alcohol, medicine, electronic products, and so on.
Because the hologram label has an anti-counterfeiting function, if using this kind of label on the packaging of the productions, nobody can copy your product.
So do you know what the processes and technologies of all hologram labels are?
The hologram label can be named a laser sticker also.


What is the Hologram Labels?

Hologram technology is an image that has been printed so that it appears to be three-dimensional, even though it's on a 2D surface. Security labels usually use holographic foil for their 3D effects. Holographic foil is thin plastic sheeting that has an image printed on it with a laser. First, a single image is captured from many angles. Then all those angles are printed onto the foil. The result is a picture that looks three-dimensional even though it is flat. Generally, the patterns are simple – regular or slightly irregular shapes or lines of text – because they don't need to be very complex to resist tampering or counterfeiting.

The material for the label is waterproof vinyl PET material; we have 25um thickness and 50um thickness material for this kind of label. The material is also oil proof and UV proof. Hologram labels adopt the laser holographic color map, and the molding replication technology completes the title. Some realized the way of model: dynamic lattice light, one-time particular laser film, optical 3D micro background, colorful optical random interference, in both English and Chinese uranium shrink the text.


Production Process of the Hologram Label

A professional anti-counterfeiting company produces the holographic label. Firstly, the designer designs the relevant laser holographic effect picture (add the company logo, name, or other information), and then the professional laser plate-making factory makes the master plate. The anti-counterfeiting company molds the corresponding laser entire information film according to the master plate. It then forms the usable holographic anti-counterfeiting logo through the processes of glue, backing, and die-cutting. Of course, digital anti-counterfeiting technology, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technology, ultra-micro anti-counterfeiting technology, laser whitening, super line, and so on can be added to the production process to improve its anti-counterfeiting strength further.


Classification of the Hologram Label

1. Normal Hologram Label
This kind of hologram label's cost is very cheap; most people choose this label as a seal sticker because it is reasonable and the label looks very beautiful. Using this label on the outer packaging may give customers a sense of the hierarchy of products.

normal hologram label

2. The void hologram sticker/label
This hologram label can be peeled off quickly, but after the title is peeled off, the brand will be broken and leave the items' texts. This kind of hologram label is prevalent in the business. Because this kind of label has an excellent anti-counterfeiting function, you can think if you use this kind of label as a seal sticker, especially in the supermarket if the seal sticker of one production is broken. You will know someone has opened the packaging of the output.

The void hologram sticker/label

3. Scratch-off Hologram Label
This hologram label has an anti-counterfeiting function on its surface; add a scratch-off coating on the surface and print the texts or picture under the layer; after you scratch off the sticker, they can see the texts and photographs. This kind of label is widely used in the lottery industry, wine industry, and so on. The principle of the title is the digital anti-counterfeiting principle. After obtaining the anti-counterfeiting code, verify and query through the specified query method on the label to get the authentication information of the brand.

Scratch off Hologram Label

4. Hologram Label with Hidden Texts
The hidden texts or pictures will be added to the ordinary hologram label after a unique process. The hidden readers can't see my eyes; you need to use the magnifier or other special tools that can see the hidden texts.

hologram label with hidden texts

As a security technology, holography has many advantages. Firstly, it takes a lot of time and money to produce holographic source products, but mass reproduction is relatively cheap. Secondly, it is difficult to obtain the necessary equipment and technology for the mass production of holographic products in the early stage. Thirdly, holographic products look very different from printed trademarks. Fourth, the tools traditionally used by forgers (cameras and printers) have no effect on holography.
In the early stage of hologram reproduction, the laser is used as a light source and photosensitive material as a carrier. Single sheet reproduction has the advantages of a complex process, high cost, and low efficiency.
The new holographic anti-counterfeiting label will be recorded in a high-speed optical system. It can produce three-dimensional and multi-color holographic images from computer plate making in less than one second. There is a "one-step" holographic stereogram technology to make it possible. Although some security methods are used in the materials and recording systems of these labels, the biggest security factor is the addition of hidden signatures to holograms. Because each hologram is made in a dynamic background, it has unique characteristics and a traceable signature. And the cost will be much cheaper than the early holographic label.

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