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Magic Holographic Label

2021-11-25 13:44:54

Why the holographic label now is trendy, and you can see many suppliers for the holographic title on Amazon. And what is the holographic label? What is the application of a holographic label? If you're in the market for a holographic label or are curious to find out more about them, you're in the right place.


What is a Holographic Label?

A holographic sticker is a specially designed label that injects a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image to provide a visual effect containing a 3D image. There is an adhesive on the back of the holographic sticker, so you can stick it wherever you want or need it. In most cases, holographic stickers are used for security and verification purposes. Making holographic stickers is a very technical and precise process. A laser beam is used to copy and engrave a specific image of a particular surface. For holographic stickers, the surface is usually foil or modified paper. Words, numbers, or other designs, such as drawings or photos, can all be turned into holographic images. Images can also be layered to create different 2D and 3D effects.

holographic sticker

The holographic anti-counterfeiting label is one of many anti-counterfeiting labels. It mainly distinguishes the authenticity from the false by comparing feature points and the recognition of the instrument. It can also be combined with two-dimensional code, fluorescent ink, liquid crystal ink, and other technologies for traceability and anti-counterfeiting to enhance the effect.


Types and Application Fields of the Holographic Label:

Standard holographic anti-counterfeiting labels are mainly holographic self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels. Holographic adhesive labels can be divided into film, paper, and fragile paper labels according to their materials. Their characteristics can also be fully transferred tags, semi-transferred tags (VOID), and composite tags. The labels can play a better role by choosing labels with suitable materials and attributes according to the scene and use.

anti-counterfeiting labels

The following table introduces you to different types and applications of holographic labels.

Film composite labelTransparent films such as BOPP and PET are mostly used as substrates, because when the film surface material is exposed to humidity, moisture, chemical solvents, grease and ultraviolet rays, it can still maintain its functionality, dimensional stability and appearance, and is widely used in daily chemical packaging, Electronic appliances and other products.
Full transfer labelAfter peeling, the laser pattern is completely separated from the base film and cannot be restored, and the "tear-off" characteristic is good.
Compared with fragile paper, its tensile strength is higher, the handling process is not easy to be damaged, and the storage time is longer, suitable for automatic labeling.
Local transfer label (VOID)Commonly used in packaging and sealing labels, the main feature is partial transfer, tearing and leaving words.
Its physical properties are similar to the above-mentioned transfer labels, but are superior to transfer labels in anti-counterfeiting performance.
Paper labelThe scheme of making holographic patterns on paper, because there are no non-degradable materials such as films, is environmentally friendly and not easy to be imitated.
Among them, the breaking strength of the fabric of the fragile paper label is much lower than the adhesive ability of the adhesive, and it cannot be completely peeled off after being pasted and cannot be reused.
It is widely used in high-end products such as mobile phones, computer accessories, automobile electrical appliances, tobacco, alcohol, daily chemicals, and performing arts tickets.
Hot stamping labelThe pattern information is transferred to the substrate through the hot stamping process, and the hot stamping base film can be recycled or even reused, which is environmentally friendly.
Commonly used in daily chemical packaging, tobacco and alcohol anti-counterfeiting and other fields.

The Features of the Holographic Label

Living in an era of information, we are using a variety of technological products, which are based on innovative ideas, such as digital cameras, portable computers, and smartphones. These creative inventions bring us great convenience, stimulate our enthusiasm for future life, and help our society to move forward. As a matter of fact, intelligent people in large numbers have recognized the significance of innovation for our society's development.
The new holographic anti-counterfeiting label will be recorded in a high-speed optical system, which can produce a three-dimensional, multi-color holographic image from a computer plate in less than one second. There is a "one-step" holographic stereogram technology to make it possible. Although some security methods are used in the materials and recording system of these labels, the biggest security factor is the hidden signature in the holographic image. Since each hologram is made in a dynamic background, it is unique, and the signature can be traced.

new holographic anti-counterfeiting label

The following table is an introduction to the features and industrial usage of the holographic label:

FeaturesIndustrial Usage
Premium QualityElectronics Industries
Unique/ ExclusiveEducation
Water ResistantPharmaceutical Industries
Strong AdhesiveFood and Beverage Industries
Heat ResistantStationery Industries
Containing Eye-Catching Color CombinationsToy Industries
Attractively PatternedHardware Industries
Visually AppealingMachine Industries
CustomizableBlister and Other Packaging Industries
Differently ShapedPlastic Industries
Differently SizedGlass Industries
Superior FinishingMetal Industries
Impossible To ReplicateElectronics Industries
Economically PricedAppliance and Equipment Industries
Tamper EvidentChemical Industries
 Automobile Industries
 Paint Industries

In a nutshell, in the contemporary world, holographic labels have brought a lot of convenience to people's lives. If you are interested in holographic labels and want to know more about holographic labels or buy holographic labels, please contact us.

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