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The Introduction of the Tamper Proof Sticker

2021-11-01 20:17:19

Features of Tamper Proof Sticker

The tamperproof sticker is widely used in many different areas, and the tamperproof sticker also has too many other materials and various craftworks. As a security technology, the tamperproof sticker has many advantages:
1.It takes a lot of time and money to produce tamperproof products, but mass reproduction is relatively cheap.
2.It isn't easy to obtain the necessary equipment and technology for the mass production of holographic products in the early stage.
3.Tamperproof stickers look very different from printed trademarks.
4.The tools traditionally used by forgers (cameras and printers) do not affect holography.


What Are the Types of Tamper Proof Sticker?

1. The security of the laser
The security of the laser is also called holographic anti-counterfeit labels, use color laser hologram printing and embossing replication technology to complete the security label, can be realized technology has: dynamic lattice light, one-time particular laser film, optical 3D micro background, colorful optical random interference, in both English and Chinese uranium shrink text.

the types of tamper proof sticker

2. Hiding words anti-fake label
This kind of tamperproof sticker is called secret security, namely specified text, symbols, signs, and other information through unique ways of hidden in the tag of the specified site, and only with the help of a special decoding card to identify hidden content. To uncover secret anti-fake labels, privacy content is generally done in the label layer.


The feature of Uncover secret anti-fake label technology:

Such tamperproof sticker is the upgrading products of ordinary opened type anti-fake identification, mainly upgrades of the original anti-counterfeiting technology and processing technology, in addition to the traditional digital anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting Anthocephalus chine sis, miniature technology also to be used in the following techniques:
(1) Rainbow technology
Rainbow technology is a laser holographic shooting method; the picture is made by this method the image will be different in the different observed angle under the normal light such as sunlight, Incandescent lamp, the picture will change like the rainbow(By the red, yellow, green, blue order or on the contrary). There is a considerable range of observations when moving around.
(2)Grating and bright color technology
The grating technique is another kind of laser holography. With this method to make the pattern in the ordinary light source will also have rainbow color change under the observation of the way of the color, but the viewing angle is slight; when removed in the left and right observed, the pattern has a shiny feeling.

Grating and bright color technology

(3)Invisible dual card technology
The specified information is hidden in the tamperproof sticker through a special decoder card to identify the hidden content.
Because of the advanced nature and particularity of this kind of label, it is mainly used in some products with high-security performance and some products with high brand value.
3. Fragile paper anti-fake label, Full Destruction
Fragile paper anti-fake label, it uses special delicate paper or fragile self-adhesive materials, above can be printed trademarks, text and barcodes, pasted on the packaging cannot complete uncovered, once uncovered, paper fragmentation, whether it is whom or with what kind of method, are unable to have posted the anti-counterfeiting label complete teardown or in other places.
4. Built-In Barcode
In the continuous development of the market economy, the market tends to integrate today; fake and shoddy goods are flooding, to the detriment of the interests of consumers and producers. With the rapid development of computer technology, bar code technology is applied to the security of goods to effectively achieve the goal of not being fake and protecting the interests of consumers.
The standard bar code does not have the anti-counterfeiting function. After special treatment of the bar code can have security, anti-counterfeiting printing can be achieved, but the process is complex; commonly used at present is with ordinary bar code applied in anti-counterfeit labels, to achieve its anti-counterfeiting performance linked.


Application with built-in barcode tamperproof sticker

①.Anti-fake commodities fleeing management
The label is based on the standard anti-fake label, increasing the corresponding bar code, thus making it use the bar code on the logistics management to achieve traceability of CTS. In the liquor industry, health care products, cosmetics, and other industries are widely used.

②.The anti-fake inquiry
The bar code is scanned by special equipment or mobile phone, and the corresponding results are obtained, which can realize the function of the bar code anti-fake inquiry. Of course, there is a premise that the corresponding security database can be linked to the site.

The anti-fake inquiry

③.Other application.
In addition to common QR ordinary bar code, as well as invisible bar code, two-dimensional bar code, metal bar code, implicit magnetic code, etc., in different areas have a wide range of applications.

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