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VOID Label's anti-tampering feature

2021-11-27 16:31:37

"Counterfeiting" is a problem that is unavoidable for all walks of life to develop to a certain extent. Many counterfeit goods are spilling into the market, harm the interests of consumers, and seriously affect the image of enterprises in the minds of consumers.

Various anti-counterfeiting labels play a huge role in product anti-counterfeiting, primarily VOID labels, which are widely used in some industries due to their unique attributes. Let me introduce you VOID anti-counterfeiting brands in-depth so that you can have a comprehensive understanding. If you're in the market for a VOID label or are curious to find out more about them, you're in the right place.


What is a VOID label?

In daily packaging, VOID anti-counterfeiting labels are widely used as packaging box sealing stickers, sealing stickers, etc., and have the characteristics of preventing tampering and tampering. The VOID anti-counterfeiting label consists of two parts: the label surface material PET+ implicitly separates the "VOID" adhesive layer. The label is as intact as a regular label before it is uncovered. 

When the label is uncovered, the adhesive layer with the word "VOID" in the title is immediately separated from the brand and remains on the object to be affixed. At the same time, the lifted label will also appear. "The traces of the word "VOID" cannot be restored and are only for one-time use. Therefore, if you find "VOID" on the label or traces of "VOID" on the packaging, it proves that the product has been opened, effectively reminding the manufacturer, distributors, and consumers to guard against it counterfeiting or counterfeiting.

The label is complete before tearing, and the customer's logo, graphics, and serial number can be printed according to customer requirements.

After the label is torn, the hidden text OPEN VOID or VOID will appear on the title's surface, and no glue remains on the object to be attached.

Purpose: It can be used for the product packaging to be torn apart by others to replace the valuable items in the product.


Features and Application Fields of the Void Label:

A typeface is formed on the reverse side of the material by a unique process (the standard typefaces are "VOID," "OPENED," opened or a particular version specified by the customer). When the label is torn from the surface of the substrate, the preset typeface Or the pattern will remain intact on the surface of the substrate and cannot be restored.

1. The surface material can choose double-coated paper, OPP, PE, PET, PO, etc., according to the printing method's actual needs and the substrate's surface. The substrate can be made of white, matte silver, light silver, or other colors. It can be made into a color effect.

2. The surface material can be coated according to the printing method. The surface of the treated substrate has good printing and printing effects and is resistant to chemical agents and abrasion. Can save printing ribbon and reduce printer loss; printing with offset printing, UV, gravure, and other printing methods can show good results.

3. On the surface of the substrate, the substrate, and the font cannot be restored after tearing.

4. The preset fonts in the base material can be text, patterns, or other particular patterns specified by the customer. The use of unique edition patterns greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting effect and enhances the corporate image.

Application Fields of the Void Label

Material introduction:
1. PET surface material can be made into matt silver, glossy silver, flash silver, laser, white, and other transparent and opaque materials.

2. One-time ordinary damage, one-time regular damage, fragile paper, paper trademarks, shrink film, etc., periodic damage can be customized with specific patterns and text.

material introduction of the void label

Scope of application:
1. It is used to make tamper-evident labels and tamper-evident seals. It is widely used in logistics, aviation, express delivery, documents, correspondence, warehousing, and other fields. The anti-counterfeiting sealing label is attached to the sealing part of the object to prevent unauthorized reading and embezzlement of documents, emails, and packages. It is used to identify the phenomenon of the unauthorized or illegal opening of the sealed thing.

2. Used to make tamper-evident labels and tamper-evident seals. It is widely used in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, the chemical industry, shopping malls, and other fields. It can affix tamper-evident labels on products to prevent labels and labels from being lifted and used again to identify the phenomenon's unauthorized or illegal opening of sealed products.

3. Used to make security seals. Widely used in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, jewelry, security seals are affixed to key parts of product packaging to prevent the product or the contents of the packaging from being opened, changed, or embezzled, and used to identify the unauthorized or illegal opening of the product good helper.

4. Used to make anti-counterfeiting labels. It is widely used in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, the chemical industry, shopping malls, and other fields. Before the products leave the factory, the company puts quality assurance labels on self-produced products. It is a kind of mark that promises to customers for the quality of its own products and is to improve Product image, providing quality assurance, and enhancing users' confidence in the product is a sign.


Advantages of the VOID label:

There are many advantages to using the VOID system; the following table are advantages of the VOID label:

The models can be designed according to your graphic charter (colors, slogans).

This is the main advantage. The VOID protects you from the theft of your goods by virtue of its dissuasive nature. As soon as the packaging undergoes a slight peeling pressure, the double security is activated: Only on the label with the transfer. The alert message is immediately printed. Gluing the adhesive tape will be impossible. The product will be preserved in all circumstances.

Ease of use
Affixing the security tape is very simple. You will not have any particular difficulty.

It easily withstands temperature variations between 10 and 35℃. However, each label has its properties. So remember to check the temperature variations.

Thus, the VOID is used in all areas and all sectors in order to secure goods. In conclusion, if you are interested in VOID Labels and want to know more about VOID Labels or purchase VOID Labels, please contact us.

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