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What is Bubble Bag?

2021-10-27 09:50:27

Types and Functions of Bubble Bag

Bubble bags include two categories: one is a single-sided bubble bag, and the other is a double-sided bubble bag
1. Single-sided bubble bag is suitable for protecting products with lightweight
2. The double-sided bubble bag has strong shock resistance and is suitable for large and heavy articles packaging.
The bubble bag forms bubbles by the way the film contains air to prevent the product from collisions to ensure the protection of the product when it is vibrated. At the same time, it also has the function of thermal insulation. There are also requirements for the manufacturing process of bubble bags. In the production process, the bubble middle layer on the surface of the bubble bag is full of air, so it is light, elastic, sound insulation, shockproof and wear-resistant. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, and compression resistant, which is very helpful in reducing vibration. In selecting materials, try to choose some materials that can withstand high temperatures; it can better guarantee the safety of product packaging.
Material properties
Manufacturing process
Application scenario
Advantages and disadvantages


Material Properties of Bubble Bag

The primary material of the bubble bag is PE or PO / PE coextrusion film. PE is used more in China, and the latter is more common in Europe and America. But no matter which kind, it is waterproof, and the sealing process is destroyed at one time. At present, it is also a kind of express bag called a mixed bubble bag. It can be made of composite coextrusion film, pearl film, kraft paper, and aluminized film and has good waterproof, shockproof, and extrusion resistance. It is widely used in electronic products, optical disc express, logistics, packaging, and transportation.


Bubble Bag's Manufacturing Process

The production of bubble bags is divided into the following steps:
1. Film blowing
Film blowing is made of plastic raw materials 2426h, 7042, and so on. In case of film blowing, recycled film, semi granular film, and new upgraded material shall be produced according to the order information. For those that must be bright red, dark blue, or antistatic, black masterbatch and antistatic agent can be added. During the whole film blowing process, the thickness and total width of the bubble pad shall be adjusted immediately according to the order information. When the bubble film is produced, the winding opportunity is automatically stacked into a large roll, generally divided into three lengths: 50m, 100m, and 150m.
2. Packaging and printing of bubble bag
After making explicit like two peas, the paper has just begun to make coated paper, and then print and print the surface raw materials of the antistatic bubble bags. The color check should be carried out in the whole process of packaging and printing to ensure that the contents printed and printed out are precisely the same as the package printed designs of the customers.
3. Manufacturing and packaging of bubble bag
The total width and size of the roll produced are different. For making packaging bags, it can save raw materials without cutting. For example, if you want to have a 50cm * 50cm bubble bag, you can produce it with a bubble cushion roll with a total width of 100cm. It's not easy to make all unnecessary materials. The bubble bag must ensure the deviation correction device for the feeder's upper, lower, left, and right. Ensure that the manufactured goods comply with customs regulations. However, because the interior of the bubble bag must include gas, it must be heat sealed in production, and it must be more accurate in temperature control. Generally, the single and double sides are set at 310-320 degrees, and the two sides are set at 340-all directions. When the equipment is unstable, it is impossible to make a bubble bag that meets the regulations.
4. Quality inspection, packaging, freight logistics
The quality inspection shall be carried out in the processing process, color inspection and packaging and printing content inspection shall be carried out in the packaging and printing process; The antistatic value shall be inspected in the film blowing process, and the specifications, models, dimensions and tensile strength of the antistatic bubble bag shall be reviewed in the bag making process. The antistatic bubble bag, after inspection, can be packed into the warehouse and then distributed according to the spacing of customers, express companies, freight logistics, etc.


Application Scenario of Bubble Bag

It is mainly used for the logistics and transportation protection of electronic products, buffer packaging, plastic products, metal products, ceramic products, glass products, and other products that need buffer protection. Bubble film is made of high-pressure low-density polyethylene. It is a kind of transparent flexible packaging material widely used at present. It is mainly used for the postal packaging of products. The bubble bag is equipped with shock-absorbing bubble film. There are countless tiny bubbles in the bubble film, so it is light and elastic. It has the functions of sound insulation, shockproof, and scratchproof. It is widely used in shockproof cushioning and protective packaging of electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, self-propelled car stores, kitchens, furniture, hardware tools, glass products, and precision instruments.


The advantages of bubble bags are as follows:
1. The water-soluble speed can be designed and selected, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic, and pollution-free;
2. Strong tensile strength and good tension;
3. High transparency and good luster;
4. High softness and good touch;
5. Good oil and solvent resistance, heat sealing, and printing;
6. Low permeability and good gas resistance;
7. Plastic buttons or self-adhesive bags can be added;
8. Excellent antistatic performance, no dust absorption, etc.
9. It can be degraded by water, air, sunlight, and biodegradation. Usually, it can be decomposed into harmless substances in about a month.

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