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What is the Adhesive Vinyl Sheet Sticker?

2021-11-05 16:19:09

When you go shopping, you can see advertising slogans on the glass, lightbox and advertising board everywhere, the decorative patterns of the cars. Do you know the material of these slogans and practices is and how these slogans and patterns transfer to the cars and glass, lightbox, and advertising boxes?

We will introduce this kind of label for you, the label called adhesive vinyl sheet sticker.
The adhesive vinyl sheet sticker is widely used in advertisements, decorative patterns for cars, computers, bottles and so on.


How to Use the Adhesive Vinyl Sheet Sticker?

Adhesive vinyl sheet stickers can use transparent PET, translucent pet, transparent OPP, transparent PVC, shiny PVC, polyester PET, laser paper, and other films. The commonly used glue types are General Super Sticky type, general strong sticky type, refrigerated food strong sticky type, general re uncovering type, and fiber re uncovering type. The decoration materials mainly include films, which are mainly used for decorative decals on cars and motorcycles, logo words on trademark windows, and reflective films on highways. The self-adhesive label of the trademark is a composite color printed trademark, which can be anti-counterfeiting, waterproof, mildew-proof, and wear-resistant. Other types are strong adhesion, removable, tear resistance, sunscreen, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, etc.
The colorful trademark can not only attract the attention of customers and deepen the psychological impression of your products on customers but also improve the grade of goods and show the charm of products. The trademark is equivalent to the face of products. A well-designed and eye-catching trademark can completely promote the sales of products.

Usually, when you want to make advertising slogans or other decorative patterns, you may want to find a professional advertising company that helps you do this work, but this way will cost you money, right? So if you have the adhesive vinyl sheet sticker will save money for you.


Material of the Adhesive Vinyl Sheet Sticker

The surface material for the adhesive vinyl sheet sticker is 80 gsm, the glue is 20 gsm, the back liner is 100 gsm, and this is our standard thickness of the material. If you want to customize, the thickness of the back liner is also ok, and the back of the liner is usually with the gray square. Some clients also want to add their logo on the back of the liner, and the MOQ will be large than our standard material.

Material of the Adhesive Vinyl Sheet Sticker

Application Method of the Adhesive Vinyl Sheet Sticker

Step1: Choose a suitable color for the adhesive vinyl sheet sticker for your advertising slogans or decorative patterns, such as Christmas tree needs the green color; the Santa Claus needs red and white color for his clothing, beard. Also, we need to prepare a transfer tape because the transfer tape is used to transfer the done adhesive vinyl sheet sticker paste to the glass, car, or other things. The transfer tape must be suitable for your sticker; if the glue for the transfer tape is not strong, can’t transfer the patterns, and if the glue is too strong when you stick the patterns on the glass or sticker, you may be able to peel the transfer tape off the glass or car or other things.

Step 2: Prepare the circuit, scissor and tweezers, and scraper. The circuit is used for engraving the adhesive vinyl sheet sticker. After engraving the adhesive vinyl sheet sticker, need use the scissor and tweezers remove the non needed parts, and then use the transfer tape to transfer the slogans and decorative patterns; before you peel off the transfer tape, use the scraper scratch for one minute and then peel off the transfer tape with the slogans or decorative patterns.

Step 3: Then transfer the slogans to the glass, cars, or other things; before you peel off the transfer tape, use the scraper to scratch the transfer tape again, same as before, so let the slogans and decorative patterns can leave on the glass and cars strongly. And then, peel off the transfer tape, and you can get a very beautiful slogan or decorative pattern.

adhesive vinyl sheet sticker

Attention Tips:

1. Clean all project surfaces prior to applying your design. The vinyl design adheres best to clean, smooth and non-porous surfaces.
2. For large or complicated vinyl designs, press down on one section at a time for best results.
3. It is best to practice performing a test cut and test application.
4. Need to adopt the press for the cut machine according to the designs; if the design is too complicated, we may need to add the press; if the design is very easy, the press may be small.
5. The adhesive vinyl sheet sticker is suitable for sticking on the smooth surface; if the items’ surface is rough, the label will drop easily.
6. Can not wash by the dishwasher, some people want to stick the label on the bottle, bowl, and plate and wash by the dishwasher, but the adhesive vinyl sheet sticker is without permanent glue, so cannot wash by dishwasher.

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