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What is Void Anti Counterfeiting Label?

2021-11-10 10:00:08

What is Void Anti Counterfeiting Label?

The void anti-counterfeiting label is made of polyester material or laser film, with the appearance of white or other colors and a suggestive self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting material whose base material is primarily plastic film. Including opening the hollowed-out text and images; When it is opened, it is layered, and the contents hidden between layers are flashed, preventing unauthorized opening, moving, and re-pasting. It is mainly used for logistics labels, anti-theft sealing labels, and seals; Layering is used mainly for code anti-counterfeiting labels. If the titles produced as the base material are lifted, preset words or images will be displayed from the surface material.

Manufacturing materials
Material properties
Application scenario
Advantages and disadvantages


Manufacturing Materials of Anti Counterfeiting Label

1. Thick base paper: suppose you choose thick self-adhesive paper to make fragile paper lift anti-counterfeiting label; its advantage is that it is not easy to deform and wrinkle. Moreover, after being made into a label, it can also be printed by single cutting. The printing methods can be screen printing, embossing, or offset printing. The used scale of the lift-up anti-counterfeiting label of this raw material is also appropriate.
2. Thin backing paper: suppose thin self-adhesive paper is selected to make fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels, mainly because it is light and can not be printed by single cutting. Moreover, after the drum materials are cut, the shortening of the surface material is slightly accelerated. Then the bottom paper is somewhat deformed, and even there is a gap between the surface material and the base paper. Therefore, many colloidal liquids overflow. Then the surface materials for processing and printing show cracking problems, resulting in fewer removable anti-counterfeiting labels for products, more waste labels directly formed by enterprises, and increased cost loss of the company. Moreover, the thin version of the uncovering anti-counterfeiting title can only be manually labeled and can not be automatically labeled, which will also increase the company's cost.

Anti Counterfeiting Label for PC

Material properties of Anti Counterfeiting Label

1. The substrate can be selected according to the packaging and printing method and the surface of the substrate. The double copperplate paper, OPP, PE, pet, and Po must be selected. The plate can be made into milky white, dumb silver, bright silver, other colors, and colorful effects.
2. The substrate can be coated according to the packaging and printing method. The solved plate surface has the effects of packaging, printing, copying, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. It can save packaging and printing carbon tape and reduce the consumption of printing equipment; With screen printing, UV, gravure printing, and other packaging printing methods, packaging printing can mainly show the packaging and printing effect.
3. When the label is torn off from the surface of the adhesive, the text or painting previously set on the void anti-counterfeiting label plate is separated from the plate and kept intact on the surface of the bond. The torn plate and font cannot be repaired.
4. The font preset in the plate can be used for text, painting, or other customer-specific drawings. The use of and board pictures significantly improves the anti-counterfeiting effect and develops the enterprise brand image.
When the Void anti-counterfeiting label is opened, personalized fonts such as "void, it has rained in the morning" will be left, and then it will arrive to ensure the detailed case. As soon as it is exposed, it will be damaged, and as soon as it is damaged, it will be known that it is accurate and false, and it isn't easy to be applied repeatedly.


Application scenario of Anti Counterfeiting Label

First, it can be used to make sealing labels. It is widely used in medical treatment, food, electronic goods, logistics, aviation, express delivery, documents, letters, warehousing, and other fields. Stick the anti-counterfeiting sealing label on the sealing part of the object to avoid the thing from being opened and embezzled without permission.
Second, it can make anti uncovering labels. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, the chemical industry, shopping malls, and other fields to stick anti-counterfeiting labels on commodities to avoid reuse after labels and labels are lifted.
Third, it is used to make warranty labels, which are widely used in electronics and electrical appliances. The warranty labels are pasted at the critical positions of commodities to avoid the opening, conversion, and embezzlement of items or contents in packages.
Fourth, it is used to make quality assurance labels. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, the chemical industry, shopping malls, and other fields. Before leaving the factory, the company passes the quality assurance label on its products, which is a sign of commitment to customers for the quality of its own products and a sign of improving product image, providing quality assurance, and enhancing users' confidence in products.


Advantages and disadvantages of Anti Counterfeiting Label

1. With the characteristics of uncovering anti-counterfeiting labels and instant damage, the label is difficult to be transferred.
2. The anti-counterfeiting code of the uncovering anti-counterfeiting label will become invalid immediately after inquiry so as to prevent the product from being counterfeited on a large scale.

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